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How to hang a Hammock

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Hammock Days

So you are thinking of all those lazy days of lying around in a hammock. But first you got to have a place to hang it. The obvious way would be to use a hammock stand. Its versatile, you can move it anywhere you want, but sometimes that just a pain to drag around . So let’s look at other options.

Hang a Hammock with Post

You may not always have the luxury of hang a hammock with 2 perfect trees so use 4×4 or better 6″x6″ pressure treated posts, or 1 post and one tree. You also can hang your hammock from decks, carports, and porches or on a hammock stand.

The best thing about using post is you can set the anywhere. Later you can decorate them. If you are using 8′ post I like to dig my hole 3 feet deep and fill the post holes with concrete to keep them from moving around in the dirt. Us a distance of about the length of your hammock. If you have help, pick up the hammock and get your ideal height off the ground. Its works best if you can hang around 5′ and use your s hooks and chain. Using hanging hardware of eye bolts and chain allows for a little leeway in hanging.hammock Hanging hardware

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I Invent a Lot

From making hammocks to shaping I have been lucky through the years to travel , surf and sail in many wonderful and exotic places. I have internet companies. Olde Saltys Apparel (sailing t shirts)  Salt & Asphalt T Shirts..  and Freaky Tiki Hammocks weaving beautiful blue hammocks. I buy trade am a surfboard builder and shaped XTC SURFBOARDS and owned a Hot Wax Surf Shop in Atlantic Beach NC. Surfing T shirts, nautical t shirt and sailing t shirts have become a passion. Here you will find tall tales, outright lies and the memoirs of my life old salt.

Through the last several hundred years I have tried to improvise and improve the things I touch and love from the invention of the rope hammock, some of the first nautical t shirts. This was quite a chore, usually  catching fish and allowing them to rot across a t shirt. This left a beautiful sun and blood stained print. Then as time progressed and I became knowledgeable  with making colors and dyes from berries and rocks the modern nautical and surfing t shirts started coming together. Even though i did not invent the printing presses and later silk screen machines I helped them with the ideas and concepts.

Another day another post and I will get int the invention of the first hammock and later the invention of the modern surfboard which I am the most proud of. From riding logs to shaping hardwood surfboards, Its been a wonderful journey. Thankfully with nautical t shirts and sailing t shirt my journeys are not over. as i tell my story through the printed surfing t shirt i can continue to help the things i love.

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Go sailing , design Nautical t-shirts or spend time with family.. an OLD SALTS dilemma

How to hang a Hammock

It’s Thanksgiving t-shirts can wait

 Every once in awhile you just got to make those difficult decisions like designing surfing t shirts , skateboarding t shirts or not. Its Thanksgiving and my Mom is in town with Doug, my brother brother and my nephews and my nieces. We are all going to meet at my  other brother’s house in Wilmington for the big Thanksgiving dinner. Now I don’t have to worry about selling surfing t shirts at Salt & Asphalt because its an internet store and it runs itself. I don’t have to worry about Freaky Tiki Hammocks because it is also an internet store, so here is the dilemma

 The Surf is Smokin

It doesn’t happen often but today the surf is good 3 sometimes 4 feet and clean, 68 degree  weather(not bad for the end of November)  and water just  hovering around 70 we have Dilemma #2. Yes it is great weather with a slight offshore  breeze and glassy conditions. Maybe the last really beautiful day for awhile to go surfing or  take my new Cal 35 out for a bit of sailing on this georgous afternoon.,even though I know it is climbing to 70 next week, but what do. So the real thought begin.. Thanksgiving with family , grab my surfboard or go sailing. Just way to many choices.

Sometime you got to reason

Then I start to reason, the surf will get good again, the sailing weather will always be around, but friends and family aren’t always going to get together.  So I went to the boat and just opened it up for fresh air, grabbed my surfboard and surfed just an hour and then still made it to the most important thing Life is Good

Just a little side note Just getting back from New Bern and christmas with the family. As always I ate to much but all in all I feel does that. Well off to the office to work on a few nautical t shirts and sailing t shirts.

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I am the Son of a Sailor…Glad I ain’t living in a Trailer

How to hang a Hammock

Well, another holiday is here as today is Christmas. I could think of a lot of fun things that I would rather do today at Salt & Asphalt Life t shirts but we know….I am going to my 87 year old moms. My mom is tough, she raised 4 boys and we are all hellions.

Family and the holidays

I chose the life of a nomad, traveler and business man with Salt & Asphalt T Shirts and Old salts Life t shirts…just couldn’t stay in one place to long. Being a surfboard shaper and builder, a hammock weaver at Freaky Tiki Hammocks and a designer at Salt & Asphalt t shirts  , I could go anywhere there was an ocean and surf and make money. One brother Michael (who I lived in Hawaii with) got married had kids and the I helped him get into the Surfing business. He has done very good, very grounded. One brother , Nicky (the older one) has always sold cars..had a bunch of kids and basically led what we call a normal life and then my youngest brother Doug, still not sure how things are going there. This week he set up a video gambling parlor and is making money. But with gambling comes it own problems.

Son of a Sailor and Living in a Trailer..Here I am

And then here I am. Sitting around now  only with my dog and  my best friend Squirt. I am happy.. No stressful days .no worries, not weaving hammocks just riding waves, playing on the sailboat lying in my Mayan hammock and putting in a couple hours a week a the Hot Wax Surf Shop doing what I love. Don’t have a lot, but I got better memories than most on this planet. Son of a least I finally got out of that trailer.

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Not Working? Just a different place

How to hang a Hammock

Making surfing t shirts is not why I haven’t been on the blog lately and you probably can guess ., no not designing nautical t-shirts sailing t shirts or surfing t shirts and i long ago quit weaving hammocks. . Well I guess I know I need to get my head of this hammock pillow and get back to print surfing t shirts because I got to work but I bought Cal 35 sailboat. I had to have a bigger boat. Well actually I bought 2 boats since on here last.   I first picked up a 27 O’day sailboat and loved it but you know..I needed to go bigger. And I bought a 33 foot RANGER sailboat. I soon  realized a short while that that beautiful sleek racing sailboat was just a little too narrow for me to live and travel with no shower. It had an ATOMIC 4 blown engine, and I got her cheap.

My new 1973 Cal 35

Here is where the excitement begins. I had an Atomic 4 engine mechanic come buy to look at it.  No problem since he had another engine to drop in. As we were talking about my boat being  too narrow he kept commenting about how much he wished he could find a sleek 33′ like this because his present sailboat was just to wide and bulky.A 1973 CAL 35 Cruiser, maybe I can immortalize  it in a few surfing  t shirts. It didn’t take long for me to  let him know a wished for a wider sailboat.Wham! He said lets trade even..and he had  just put a rebuilt PERKINS 51 HP engine in. He had a new Hot water heater, Charles battery charger, new Lectra San,

Well that was what i did with my summer building FREAKY TIKI II. She has been rewired, new engine, sliding windows,  recovered and a little paint. Its fall , she is ready to sail and I am just itching to head up to Morehead City, Beaufort Oriental, the Outer Banks and New Bern.

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Origins of the first Hammock

original rope hammock

   I invented the original rope hammock many years ago. Some credit the Aztecs, some credit the South and central Americans for invented today’s rope hammock..but no it was me. As strange as it seems , you are about to learn about the real and honest origins of the rope hammock.

The First Hammock is Conceived

 Many years ago I had gone to hear a sermon by the sea of Galilee and believe me they were not any fancy rope hammocks around. Anyway back to the history of the rope hammock…I had gone to the sea to hear this carpenter talk about peace love and happiness..come to think about it, he sound a lot like today’s modern hippie,but that is another story altogether. I was started to get a little hungry and that carpenter had been breaking bread and pulling sushi from his basket all day. I was in need of a little rest and relaxation.Now this is where I got the idea for that first blue hammock. Having a full stomach and nowhere to lay down but some sand and a bit of grass I started thinking. On the way in I saw a few roman soldiers putting some crosses in the sand and stringing some poor peasants for stealing food. AND THEN IT HIT ME ,I grabbed a fisherman’s net, a little rope for hanging kit strung it up between the 2 crosses and off I that beautiful thing I called fisherman’s net between 2 crosses that I later shortened to a rope hammock. Well by the time I woke everyone had gathered around me wanting to know where they could get a hammocks on sale and I went into business at Salt & Asphalt and have been working ever since.