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A blog of the The life and times of me..a retired surfboard builder, retired hammock weaver and full time surfer and sailor.

BOAT #3... WHY!!! When I could just be designing t-shirts.

              Well I havent been on the blog lately and you probably can guess why., no not designing t-shirts and i long ago quit weaving hammocks. I bought another SailBoat. I had to have a bigger boat. Well actually I bough 2 boats since on here last.  &nb..

The First Hammock

General 21/11/2017 296 0 comment

Yes and I know its hard to believe but, I invented the first rope hammock many years ago. Some credit the Myans, some credit the Aztecs, some credit the South and central Americans for inventing today's rope hammock..but no it was me. Many years ago I had gone to hear a sermon by the sea of Gal..